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1Power Hour VX Computer Drinking Game  v. / Board$11.95Demo8.78 Mb
2Computer Dictionary Basic Computer Terms  v.1.0Home & Education / ScienceFreeFreeware17.2 Mb
3Computer Dictionary Computer Terminology  v.1.0Home & Education / ScienceFreeFreeware47.02 Mb
4Little Computer  v.1.0Home & Education / Miscellaneous-LGPL334 Kb
5Your ComputerUtilities / File ManagementFreeFreeware2.17 Mb
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1Power Saver  v.1.0Utilities / System Tools$5.00SharewareDetail

Power Saver to save power by automatic hibernate and resume for windows computer

4.35 Mb
2PowerTop  v.1.13 / 2.0 BetaUtilities / File ManagementFreeFreewareDetail

Computer programs can make your computer use more power.

102 Kb
3Monitor Saver  v. / System Tools$19.95SharewareDetail

Now, the function - auto power off computer is added! When CPU usage less a value(such as 15%) after a long time(such as 30 minutes), It can power off your computer as what you like(sleep, stand by or shut down, etc). So, its powerful! Monitor Saver

1.57 Mb
4GS SLEEP  v.1.3Utilities / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

SLEEP.EXE will make the computer enter the "suspend" power-saving state. Usage SLEEP [/f] [/h] [/nologo] [/ns] Switches: /f Force the computer to sleep. Otherwise, any running application will be able to prevent the computer from sleeping if it so

120 Kb
5MonitorPowerOff  v.1.0Utilities / Miscellaneous$2.00CommercialDetail

Laptop PC Monitor Power Off Software, power switch off, power settings xp, monit

337 Kb
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1OtoShut  v. / System ToolsFreeFreeware0 Kb

shutdown scheduler, power off computer, lock computer, shutdown, scheduler, power off

2Vista Power Max Performance/Max Battery  v.1.0Utilities / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware10 Kb
3Acritum Total Power Control  v.1.023Utilities / System Tools$19.95Shareware1 Mb

shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, turn screen off, timer, command line, turn off computer remotely, power plan changer, show all 3 power plans in system tray in windows 7, hotkey manager, keyboard shortcuts, screenshots, notebook battery time

4Auto Shutdown Manager  v. / Miscellaneous$15.00Shareware17.49 Mb

shutdown, standby, hibernate, power off, power down, power save, loggoff users, auto power down, idle, protocol shutdown times, green it, switch off, central manage power, shutdown sleep modes, save time, save money, save energy

5Computer Information Help Center  v.1.0Home & Education / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware281 Kb

computer help, computer problem, help computer, help troubleshooting, computer help forums, computer problems help, computer help forum, computer repair windows xp, computer help slow, computer tech support online

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