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365PowerOff  v.2.1

A small program that allows you to control the power state of your pc. It can power off, shutdown or reboot your pc, log you off your pc. The action can be performed immediately or scheduled, by using a built-in scheduler. 1.A small program that

LuJoSoftShutDown v3  v.3.0.0

Just a little utility update from LuJoSoft Shutdown that get you faster access to the "Turn Off Computer" of Windows Xp. To access this utility move your cursor at the top of screen the bar appears by scrolling down. To leave the utility just

Game Programming Engine  v.1.0

The GPE (Game Programming Engine) project is my attempt to program a game engine from scratch in C++ and Lua using the OGRE, CEGUI, and OIS libraries. I am currently using the GPE to power my computer game

Thinstation Connections Manager  v.1.0

Thinstation connections manager (CM) is project extender of famous project which let to create simple terminal working by the next scheme:Start->CM->Open terminal session->Exit session->CM->Power off terminal

ExclaimReminder  v.1.0

!Reminder helps you not to forget about important meeting, call, anniversary. It is ascetic & easy to apply. You may rely on program. !Reminder will be your friend & assistant. Please do not forget to power on computer ;)

ShutDownOne Home  v.3.03

Auto ShutDown Windows. Scheduled shutdown operations, no-activity action, Password Settings Protection, Hot Key, ShutDown/Restart through locked workstation, Privacy Control including IE history, cookies, typed URLs and

Power Plan Assistant  v.2.2a

Power Plan Assistant is a smart power management application

Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7  v.2.2a

Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 is a multiple award-winning software, created to redefine the Windows 7 laptop experience.

Easy Net Control Server Light  v.1.0

This software allows easily shutdown remote computers that have installed and configured the Easy Net Control Client (ENC Clients). Now you can with a simple click shutdown an entire computer network with not moving from your seat, and more. The

MemAv  v.1.2

Everybody have probably noticed that a computer raisonably fast just after power-on will slow down as time goes on. This is mainly due to the fact that the memory available for the computing decreases : The more you open programs, the worse the

RoboTask Lite  v.3.0

RoboTask Lite allows you to automate any combination of tasks on your computer, ranging from simply launching applications, to moving or backing up files and much more.

Remote shutdown restart and logoff guide  v.

This software guide helps to know how easily shutdown, restart, and logoff active user, send messages,chat and execute commands in remote computers that have installed and configured the Easy Net Control 4 admins software. Now you can know how with a

LANOff Slave  v.4.1

This application monitors network connections and optionally initiates computer shutdownIt can backup, restore and shut down computers when the operation has completed. LANOff monitors network connections and optionally initiates computer shutdown if

MTBF Timer  v.1

MTBF Timer 1 is a simple and salutary tool which clocks the computer's up-time. You can use it to assess when it might be necessary to replace important components. The only known limitations are that standby and hibernate mode do not constitute

Force Shutdown  v.1.2

Force shutdown is an easy to use time save utility, saving you from several clicks when you are finishing work with computer. It runs from the system tray and has a menu to quick shutdown, restart or logoff. The program allows you to assign shutdown

Candiru's Abschalttimer  v.New

Candiru's Abschalttimer was developed as a simple, small and easy-to-use shutdown timer. You will be able to set when you want your computer to shutdown. It is also possible to reboot your computer. Candiru's Abschalttimer was written in the Java

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